Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nurturing virtue: cleanliness concentration game (printable)

Nurturing virtues drawing [640x480] with title 2This past week the boys and I have been learning about the virtue of cleanliness. There are so many great activities to do with this virtue, we have had a lot of fun. This morning we played a cleanliness concentration game that I made for them over the weekend.

Below are some sample cards from the game (cards are 4x6 size).

Clean body card Clean teeth card Clean room card Clean clothes card Clean (healthy) insides card Clean hands card

There are more cards included in the download. I printed them out on cardstock and then laminated them using 4x6 sized laminating pouches, so they last through a lot of use.

My boys loved this game! Rylan helped Damian find sets and he told me at the end that it felt really good to work as a team instead of trying to win (mommy smiled inside BIG TIME)!

You can also use these cards as flashcards, to make a cleanliness flip book, to play a “go fish” card game, to play a matching game (like concentration, but with the cards facing up, so it is easier for younger children). There are probably lots of other ways to use them too!

You can download the cleanliness concentration game here. Have fun!

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  1. Those are cute cards, and it is a nice idea to teach virtues in such a fun way. This is our first week linking up to Preschool Corner. :)

  2. Just used your cards yesterday for our Virtues Class and we are using larger print outs for coloring pages each day this week as we learn about cleanliness. Thanks :-)



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