Monday, May 17, 2010

A weekend picnic

Yesterday we spent a lovely day in the warmth of the sun, but not in the water, because this mom (that would be me) is STILL sick!! I was coming down with something at the beginning of the week, then quite miraculously I seemed just fine Wednesday through Friday morning, but went downhill then into a nasty little cold! So, I spent the weekend resting (or trying to, anyway), but I didn't want the whole family to be cooped up because of me, so we did a lazy outing (or at least lazy for me, since hubby did all the driving and child care :) ).

The windy road that takes us to one of our favourite picnic spots.
A view of our neighbouring island on the way there. It was such a beautifully crisp day, you can even see the white sandy beaches along the island's shoreline.
We drove past this canyon.
And I requested that we stop at this lookout as well, because it is one of my favourites on the island. Every time we stop I take a zillion photos because it is so breathtaking. I wish I could capture the expanse and peacefulness of the spot.
Look at the formations on the mountains.
And waterfalls nestled in the curves of the mountains.
At our picnic site, I stayed awake long enough to eat lunch and snap a few pictures of my boys playing soccer together before I laid down on the blankets and drifted off to sleep!
Bear with me the next few days, you may be getting more pictures than words until I am feeling a little more myself again! Hope you all had a beautifully sunny family weekend!


  1. Kami, I hope you feel better STRAIGHTAWAY! :)
    Much love, Sarah

  2. wonderful pictures ...
    hope u feel better soon ...
    take care

  3. Thank you for the well wishes, my friends! Hugs! :)



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