Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Field trip: Botanical Gardens

We recently went on a family field trip to a local botanical gardens. It was a lovely day, and a pleasant 2 mile hike through the garden.

This is a portion of the garden that you see as you ride in on the tram.
I think I could spend a whole day in that hammock...
A view of the river that runs through the park.
Another view of the river, with the bamboo bridge in the background.
Explorers on the loose!
Kukui, our official state tree.

Plants weren't all we saw...

The cannonball tree...no need to explain, right?
I have a thing about photographing the details of plants very close up, I think they make great pieces of abstract art.

A lovely family day, spent learning more about the nature surrounding us on this beautiful island.


  1. amazing!

  2. I know, I am constantly amazed at how much this tiny little piece of land in the middle of the Pacific has to offer! I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to live here! I am sure you can relate, since you live on a little piece of paradise yourself! :)

  3. well, urs is beautiful than mine!! :)
    just kidding ... well we are living here, but we are not exploring ... don't have a car ... so it's really difficult to explore mru, even though i know there are much to explore :)



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