Monday, May 24, 2010

A little bit of this and little bit of that

Towards the end of last week I finally manged to kick that nasty, almost two week long, bug! I followed it immediately with a busy weekend (I know, I know...not so much with the smarts), but it was fun, so it's all good, right? On Friday night we had friends over for dinner, on Saturday morning the boys made these "stained glass windows" after looking at a picture of the House of the Báb, in honor of the Bahá’í Holy Day we celebrated this weekend (all I had left was blue and red tissue paper in the craft closet, so we had to use that, with being sick this past week I did not make any runs to the craft store! The boys decorated on one piece of contact paper, and then we covered the work with a second piece of contact paper to make a window).
On Saturday afternoon we hosted a study class at our home, and Sunday we hosted a community brunch at our home to celebrate the day. It was lots of fun, and many strawberry and cream covered pancakes later we made it out to spend a few precious hours on the beach. We found these two lazy characters lounging around when we got there, enjoying the late afternoon sun! The boys delighted in an up-close look at them.
Doesn't he look like he is rather enjoying his nap?
I think I am off to do a little of that now myself! Sleep well all!

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