Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nature bookmarks

Yesterday we made bookmarks using dried and pressed flowers and leaves. We simply laid the flowers on card stock, then laminated them, and added yarn tassels. They were very easy to produce and the boys were pleased the results. We will definitely be making more bookmarks in the future. There are endless variations you can create using different art techniques, photographs, or quotations. I am thinking they would be great gifts for the boys to make for visitors coming to our home on Bahá’í Holy Days (or other special occasions).


  1. lovely! i know it probably should be simple but how do you make tassles?

  2. Thanks! Just google "tassel making" or "how to make tassels" and you should come up with a whole bunch of how-to links and video demos. :) But if you wanted to make it even easier, just use a piece of ribbon!

  3. We made nature bookmarks recently too. We didn't have a laminator or contact paper, so we used Mod Podge instead. It seals in the dried flowers and gives a nice, plasticized surface, but it's a little textured too.

  4. Cute! Thanks for checking out the time-telling post! I love to go to ABC and 123 and see what new ideas they have!



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