Thursday, May 27, 2010

Field trip: Nature Detectives

Today the boys were "nature detectives" at our local lighthouse/bird sanctuary. They have a wonderful ranger who works there and is excellent with kids. This was our second time spending the morning with her, and this time was just as fun! She started the morning out with a presentation aimed at getting the children's senses ready for being nature detectives. They smelled and felt different types of plants, looked at feathers under a magnifying glass, and listened to the sounds of the bird's calls before going out and exploring for themselves.
Looking at a stuffed Nene up close.
Then they were on the move and exploring, they found various types of plants, feathers, and birds.
My detectives at work.

They got to see a Nene (Hawaiian goose) up close. This bird is the official state bird of Hawaii and also, sadly, happens to be an endangered species.
We also recently visited another fire station (our third in less than a year!). When the opportunity came up for us to go on this tour, I asked the boys if they really wanted to go to another, since the tours are all roughly the same. Their answer was a resounding yes...why? Not because they wanted to see the fire engines or learn more from the fire fighters, but because they want to do this:

Boys will be boys, eh? :)

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