Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drawing with Children

I bought the book Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes (you can see the cover in my left sidebar) quite a number of weeks (maybe months!!) ago, but between family visiting, getting ready for a move that is not going to happen after all (yes, that's right, no move, thank goodness!!), I have been slow getting started on the actual work with Rylan. I had read all the introductory stuff, but actually sitting down and getting started...well, Rylan put his foot down and so we did the first exercise! :)

Actually, the whole reason I investigated this book is because Rylan told me he wanted to learn how to draw better, that he wanted the animals in his picture to look "more realistic". So, although I explained that his art work is beautiful just as it is, I told him that I would look into something to help his ability develop further. I found this book and was sold. We have only done the preliminary exercise that indicates which level to start at when we begin the first lesson, but already I love that these exercises will not only help to develop Rylan's ability to do realistic drawing, but they are also great exercises for improving hand control, which will in turn lead to better hand writing. I am going to do the course with him because I am not very good at drawing and would love to improve my abilities too. The book is set up for children to do it with general guidance from their parents, or for parents to accompany them with the lessons. Rylan and I are both excited about this project and I will definitely be sharing more on how it goes, including photos of how our drawings change and improve (hopefully ;) ) through the course of the book.


  1. wow maybe i should look into getting this book to help me draw better...!!!
    Glad the move isn't happening! And hope you all have a lovely Naw Ruz celebration. Love the flowers and banner.



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