Monday, January 18, 2010

One organizational project done!

I had planned a busy day for today, but Rylan really just wanted to stay home this morning (we have literally been at the beach or hiking or something outside every day, the whole past month that my sister-in-laws have been here, and I think the kids (and me!) are all tuckered out), so that's what we did!

The kids were, for the most part, happy to play together or by themselves all day, which was great for me, because I had the opportunity to re-claim my home! In the morning I cleaned and cleaned and did a little more cleaning for good measure! Then in the afternoon I tackled Rylan's closet and won! It is now all organised again, storage containers labelled, dress up clothes hung up and sorted out. This is the top of his cupboard, which was pretty straight forward, the bottom was more of a mission, and I forgot to take a picture of that when I was finished, because I had my mind on making dinner, it was getting late!
But before I started my closet make over, I did snap a couple of pictures of other organizational things I have done in his room (a long while ago). This IKEA shelf is a favourite of mine. Inexpensive, and very easy for the kids to use and keep the toys neatly sorted into their respective boxes. On each container is a photograph that I took of what is inside the box (e.g. finger puppets, model animals, cars, trains, or wooden blocks), this way Damian (and before that Rylan, when he was little) knows where to find the toy he wants, and also where to put it back when he is finished. This system has helped immensely in their learning to clean up after themselves!
I also love this bookshelf that allows them to see the cover of the book, instead of just its spine. They have another regular bookshelf with many more books, but I rotate the books on this one, so they always have new books to attract their attention.

Now onto the rest of those projects! :)


  1. looks great!!! we are switching up a few rooms so i'm really excited about organising too :-) i cant wait till all the furniture is moved so i can start!! hope you get some rest these next few days, it's great having visitors but can be exhausting too :-)

  2. I love love love this style of bookshelf ever since I saw it on your blog and always check for something similar at furniture stores if we're in them ;-) do you have any idea what this is called, I'm trying to google it but no luck. I cant find one online at Ikea which would seem the most obvious place... hope we can get one or I might try to make one!

  3. Actually, IKEA does not have that bookshelf. I bought this one from One Step Ahead which has some nice kids stuff, but I have seen something similar at teacher supply stores, the ones that sell classroom furniture as well (e.g. Lakeshore Learning Center) or even Costco.

  4. Aw sometimes I really wish I was back in the US grr. I'm thinking we may try to make one. Thanks so much for the advice, maybe I'll check out those websites for some pictures :-) I hear there are a few teacher supply stores around the area (I found one a few days ago but it had no furniture) so will try to call up and see if they have any, if Zaf thinks it will be too hard.



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