Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting back into things

For a long while now we have been preoccupied with various family members visiting, it has been wonderful for us, but I apologize for the irregular posting. Next week we should be getting back into our routine…well, sort of. After such a long period of being busy touring the island with family, enjoying their company, trying to relax and catch up with each other, a lot else in life has been skipped. I have a TON to do around the house to recover, to organize, to spring clean.

I am truly sad to see my sis-in-laws leave, it has been so wonderful having them here, and it is hard to know that they will be so far away and it will be a long time before we see them again. This is the most difficult part of being world travelers, as we are, we never have family nearby and I wish my boys could be with family more, but I digress…

Although I am sad to say goodbye I am looking forward to getting back into a routine, getting back to work with the boys, and getting our home back into shape! I am thinking a lot about what needs to be done and how to go about it because there is so much to do, and as always there are never enough hours in the day! I want to get Rylan’s room more organized, so that I can easily rotate toys every week or so (like I used to before our last move!). It keeps them more interesting and the space less cluttered and more organized.

I want to give our craft and school supply cupboard a serious overhaul. I need to go through everyone’s clothes and separate what can be re-purposed and what needs to go to Good Will. I have already started to sell baby toys and items that are no longer in use, but I need to do more of that.

Let’s see what else? I need to figure out a new schedule for our week, since our activities have changed with the new year – although I like to be flexible, I do need to have some basic ideas of how each day should proceed and be able to make sure things are getting checked off my to do list.

I have some new materials to choose and order, since Rylan has finished his kindergarten reading curriculum and I don’t think we will continue with Hooked on Phonics. And there is more, but you are probably dozing off by now! As I finish these projects I will share them with you…but now enough thinking and writing about it, time to get to work!! :)

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