Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Field trip: dinosaur exhibit at the museum

We spent the day at a local museum's dinosaur exhibit, and let me tell you, this is like heaven for my boys! Rylan has been a long standing dinosaur enthusiast, and I think due to sheer frequency of exposure (thanks to big brother!) Damian is joining in this passion! So, we spent a lot of time watching, reading the descriptions, trying out the interactive aspects of the display, and raiding the gift shop (I got some great activity books, perfect for restaurant trips).

The Aloha Dinosaur.
Viewing the life size animatronic T-rex. ALL the dinosaurs in the display were animatronic, and very well done, down to the stomach and rib cage moving with breathing. A small disclaimer here, I was using a simple point and shoot camera, so my flash sort of bleached out the images of the indoor dinosaurs, and have made them look less realistic than they did in the lighting of the display room, but oh well, at least you get a glimpse of the fun we had today! :)
I wasn't the only one taking photographs today, Rylan had his camera (a birthday present from Grandma and Pa this year - they even managed to find him an orange one (his favourite colour!) ). Here he is photographing the life size triceratops mommy and baby, which was next to T-rex in the courtyard.
Rylan and the T-rex.
Damian petting the baby stegosaurus...he loved this little guy who looked at him and wagged his tail.
Digging for dinosaur bones. This was their favourite interactive display. They both spent about 45 minutes here enjoying unearthing the fossils.

Almost got Daddy's hand!
Mommy and Damian roaring back at the T-rex head that came out and opened his mouth with a big roar at you as you walked by.
We had a great day! With two very excited boys, now very tired and fast asleep! And now I am about to join them in la la land! Good sleep y'all and see you tomorrow!

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