Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Castle building

Over the weekend Rylan and I built a castle. First I cut out the boxes (we got them from Costco) and then we glued them together.
Rylan did all the painting. First I gave him a bowl of paint and a big sponge, which he used to paint the boxes completely. We let the first layer dry and then he put on a second coat, so the writing on the boxes was no longer visible. After the second layer was dry, I gave him a small square sponge (cut from the end of a dish sponge) and a bowl of darker brown paint, which he used to sponge on the bricks.
We added a red cardboard roof on the tower (just twisted an A4 size sheet and cut it to size then taped it on). The flag was cut from red felt and glued onto a chopstick. And we were done.
Ready for play...and a whole lot of make believe!


  1. wow that is so awesome! I tried to make a garage a few months ago (for cars) but it didn't turn out well and I gave up on making structures any more... but this gives me hope :-) Looks fantastic...

  2. this is great -- should try with Leah definitely. she loves castle, princess ... etc :)
    thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks, ladies! It was actually very easy to make, and a whole lot of fun. Rylan loved painting it, and I think they appreciate things even more when they create them. :)

  4. I love this idea!! thank you!! I can not wait to make this with my son this weekend.. he will LOVE it



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