Monday, December 21, 2009

13 Years

Thirteen full years since this day.
Two beautiful boys.

The loss of two beloved parents.

Nine homes, nine moves.
Three continents.

Four countries.

An island.

Seven years in the Holy Land.

World travels.

Immeasurable joys, service, laughter, tears, support, togetherness...

Happy anniversary, my love!


  1. congrats! It was 12 years for us yesterday. We got married on 21 December 1997 and u guys on 22 December 1996 :)

  2. Thanks Nancy, actually it was still the 21st here when I posted this! So we share the date! Happy anniversary to you guys too!

  3. Aw happy anniversary! we were married 16 Dec so not that far away either :-) (though only 3 years for us hehe)



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