Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ready-to-go activity folders

I created these little ready-to-go activity folders which I keep in our craft supply cupboard, they are each filled with everything needed for one activity, usually one that can be done without my assistance. If we are going to a restaurant, I have to make a phone call, make dinner, sit in a waiting room, etc, etc, I have these stocked and ready to pull out to hand to the kids or take with us, whatever the case may be.
Here are a couple examples of the activities I have inside the folders right now:
Sew a lion bag kit.
Sticker activities are a stable in these folders, because my kids love them and it is something Damian can do easily too. This particular set in the photo was something we received in the mail for free, part of a subscription advertisement for a magazine I am not familiar with...but hey, they come in handy for the folders!

1 comment:

  1. i think these ready to go activity folders is a great idea! i should think about it too ... but rite now, i have decided to take her book which we bought yesterday for her (she chose herself) to the 19 days feast tonite ... by the way happy feast ! :)



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