Friday, November 20, 2009

Movie night

Tonight’s movie night (that is, after the little guy is safely sound asleep!). We started a little game night/movie night ritual when Damian first arrived as a way of giving Rylan some undivided parental attention. We do it every once and while (more game than movie nights, since there are precious few movies that are really appropriate for the under 6 age group), but when we do have one, we try to make it pretty special and Rylan absolutely LOVES them! And when Damian is old enough to stay up a little later it will become a big family fun night.


  1. can you comment/post on what movies you HAVE found that are suitable viewing for 6 year olds as having the same trouble

    thanks (hillme71 AT gmail DOT com)

  2. Hi Michele,
    To be honest I have no list...I still find it difficult to find decent movies (in my opinion most animated films aimed at children are not really suitable for this younger age group). We have had mostly game nights lately because of the lack of movies to watch, or we sometimes watch a movie and "edit" out a few scenes (but then you have to pre-watch it yourself). Sorry, wish I could help you out more!



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