Sunday, November 22, 2009

Field trip: Fire Station

On Saturday morning we went on another great field trip, this time to visit a fire station (I am a member of a wonderful mom's group that plans great activities and gatherings, I have mentioned some of these in previous posts here, here, and here).
Rylan and Damian were both more than a little excited to get up close to the fire trucks and to meet the firemen. The tour started by going through the whole station, so we could see how the firemen live while on duty. Then we were shown around the truck (they also had a Hummer, which Damian LOVED with a little accessory most fire trucks don't have - a surfboard, gotta love island life!).
Jaws of life and other such lifesaving equipment.
Rylan's thirst for knowledge ever present, asking a multitude of questions...
Getting to climb inside and look around.
Fully geared.
Pulling the hose out!
Yes, this was the highlight of his day! :)
After the station we went beaching, of course, and found these beach bums lounging by the shore...

Two very interested observers quietly watching.

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