Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Field trip: Post Office Tour

Today we went on a field trip with some other moms and kids to see the inner workings of the local post office. I thought this would tie in nicely with the mailbox writing activity we have going on at home as well.

A view of the other side of the post boxes. Rylan got quite a kick out of watching someone take their mail out on the other side, I am sure they got quite a surprise seeing his face peeking back at them through their box! :) The postman also showed us how this strapping machine (the yellow one) worked, which is used to secure the sorted mail containers for transport.
We watched some mail sorting, toured the rest of the work spaces, and then some of the kids got weighed on the large scale.
Everyone got to stamp their own letter...
and then mail it.
Inside Rylan's envelope is a letter which I wrote to him (he doesn't know what's inside yet), so he basically mailed himself a letter. I thought this way he gets to see the inner workings of the post office, mail a letter (this particular post office is not in our town), and see it arrive in our post box, in our town a few days later. Hopefully it will give him more of a picture of the whole process.

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