Monday, November 16, 2009

Mailbox writing practice

While learning to write, I want Rylan to gain practical experience, so he can see why writing is important to learn and how it is used in everyday life. I think this has become particularly necessary in our computer dominated society. He already has a penpal with whom he corresponds, but I wanted him to have something that would provide daily practice. To this end I have been planning to set up a family mailbox (specifically for Rylan and Ramtin to write letters to each other. It is a way not only for Rylan to practice writing (and reading!), but also to connect with Ramtin while he is away at work). I happened to stumble across this little mailbox in Macy's a few weeks ago, and thought it was perfect for this purpose, it even has a red mail waiting flag. To go with it I stitched up a couple re-useable felt envelopes.
Inside is Rylan's first message to his Dad ready for collection!

For a little "how to" I simply cut two pieces of felt, folded it in the shape of an envelope and stitched up the sides. I added little velcro dot fasteners on the inside of the envelope to keep it closed when filled. Looking back, this part was so easy, I should have had Rylan make the envelopes time.I hand embroidered the address labels and stamps and then ironed them onto the felt envelopes using applique paper.

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