Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Field trip: Medieval Court

This weekend we attended a special “Medieval Court” day at one of our local museums, where the boys got to be knights on a quest, roar like dragons, play with silly jesters, and make several items of medieval themed crafts.

IMG_7070 [800x600]IMG_7071 [800x600]~some of the items they got to look at and try on~

Actually some of these items we needed to support while the kids were trying them on, they were SO heavy they almost knocked them over.

IMG_7064 [800x600] ~Costumed dancers~

IMG_7065 [800x600]

~Rylan working on his coat of arms~

IMG_7068 [800x600]

~His completed shield with the symbol of first born~

Fridley-20110315-00015 [800x600]

~Stained glass window art~

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