Monday, October 18, 2010

I will be back!

To all those who have asked or are wondering…I will be back, just not yet. In a whirlwind of changed plans, the kids and I, and all our stuff ended up leaving Hawaii a week ago (it was originally supposed to be mid-November)! We are staying with family, looking for a home, and trying to begin a new life in a new place. This all means we are super busy and also taking a break from school (at least in the more routine kind of way, but there is still plenty of learning going on). The boys are in cousin and grandparent heaven right now, so they are very happily preoccupied.

As soon as life develops some kind of normality again I will be back, fingers crossed it will be SOON! :)


  1. Best wishes on settling in to your new location! Take care, Kerri

  2. good luck!! i'm happily sharing your montessori inspired workboxes today! thanks!



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