Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celebrating Dad!

This morning the boys excitedly gave Ramtin all the goodies they made for him during the past week getting ready for Father’s Day. They made him a super cute popsicle stick puzzle from a photo of the two of them that I printed out, the idea for which we got from here (sorry no pic of ours). The boys also made him cards.

And Rylan used the left over popsicle sticks to build him this cute little house.
They put it altogether in this envelope, which also included a sweet photo booth photo shoot with two of their best buddies.
After breakfast, gift giving, and lots of hugs, we spent the day doing what Dad loves best…being here. Snorkeling heaven!
During the day I spent some time thinking about my wonderful husband who works so incredibly hard to make it possible for me to stay home and focus completely on raising and educating our boys, not to mention getting to live in beautiful Hawaii! But that is not all he does, he comes home after very long days at work and immediately focuses on Rylan and Damian, listening to their day, reading to them and playing with them before dinner, getting them ready for bed, praying together as a family, and then reading bedtime stories. On weekends he focuses completely on spending time with the boys. He spends hours building with them, reading to them, answering questions, teaching them to ride their bikes, playing soccer, snorkeling and swimming with them, building in the sand, introducing them to classical music, drawing with them, and loving them. He is very much a part of our homeschooling, not only making it possible financially and in offering me the support I need to keep going, but in being a very active agent in the boy’s learning.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dad's out there!

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