Monday, June 21, 2010

The end of Kindergarten!

Rylan has finished bits and pieces of his kindergarten curriculum over the past year or so (for example, he asked to learn to read at 4 1/2, so he was finished with his kindergarten reading curriculum by 5), and we have done small things to mark those accomplishments, like getting to go to the book store and choose a new book. But since we have reached the official end of the kindergarten school year, Ramtin and I thought we should have a little celebration to mark this milestone for Rylan.

I made him a certificate of completion.
And then we celebrated with a special dinner, a simple homemade cake (my Grandma's double fudge chocolate cake recipe - Rylan's favorite), and a movie night filled with popcorn and cuddles on the couch. Rylan also video skyped with his Grandma and Pa who told him that he had a special package in the mail as an end of year gift from them (a wildlife explorer subscription), so he was over the moon!
As homeschoolers we need to figure out how to mark our children's educational milestones in a way that is special and meaningful for them. I would love to hear how you celebrate your children's milestones (whether you homeschool or not), so please share any ideas or thoughts you may have.


  1. well done Rylan!!
    And good job mummy and daddy too :)
    well i don't have any sharing to do, but would love to get the recipe of this cake, if you don't mind ... looks very very delicious :)
    thanks a lot

  2. congratulations Rylan! We miss you (Laurel, Sisay, and Samaya)

  3. Thanks guys!

    Nancy, will do. :)

    Laurel, enjoyed all of Samaya's birthday pics, she is such a little cutie!



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