Monday, April 12, 2010

Telling time learning activities (printable)

We started familiarizing Rylan with telling time a while back, when we bought him this book at the Natural History Museum in London, while visiting the city for a long weekend when I was still pregnant with Damian. It has a play clock built into it and of course has the dinosaur theme going for it too. I also got him used to the digital clock by explaining to him that he had to stay in bed and try to sleep until the clock said “7:00” (or later of course! This, by the way, worked really well for us, you have to understand that I am NOT a morning person and ideally would prefer not to get out of bed until 8 a.m.!).

Anyway, back to the point…over time and everyday exposure he has become pretty good at telling time, but I thought maybe I should do something a little more formal just to make sure! I made some telling time worksheets for him to work on, which I am also going to share with you all.
There are two sets of worksheets, the first is hours, and the second is half hours (I will eventually make quarter hour ones too and share them). I started the worksheets at 7:00 (am) and ended them at 10:00 (pm) reason being that they then get a picture of how the clock looks in a day of their life (um, no my kids do not stay up until 10 p.m., but I wanted to fill the last page!!). It gives them the opportunity to see how the hand goes around the clock twice in a day. The second worksheet is a little shorter.

You can download the hour worksheet here and the half hour worksheet here.

If you have any difficulties with the download, please let me know, this is my first time using this site.


  1. Thanks for the share! We just used our Dollar Tree Clocks to reinforce what Kaelyn has picked up from Day to Day exposure as well! We will definitely be using your time worksheets! I'm not a morning person either, and we have a 7 am rule (730 on weekends) for our girls!

  2. I am so remembering this for when we get to time with my little guys.

  3. Thanks, glad you all found it useful!!

  4. Great activity! I also spent a lot of time impressing on my 3 year old to stay in her room until 8 am in the morning and until 3 pm during her "rest time". It works... except her room looks like tornado hit it when she is left to her own devices.



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