Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A note about "Nurturing virtue"

I know it is Wednesday and this is when I usually do a "Nurturing virtue" post, but my boys have been sick for over a week, just colds, but BAD ones. It has been a tough week, and as a result we have not been doing our usual work, in fact, there were a few days last week where we did not work at all because they didn't want to get out of the beds I had made for them on the living room couches. This means that we are still working on the virtue we started last week Monday, so I do not have a full week of work to share with you...this occurrence, combined with the fact that I have been given the opportunity to work on a very exciting project (not saying more for now!) has made me re-think the weekly post thing. I will definitely continue my "Nurturing virtue" series, but I think it will probably be more of a once a month post. My boys and I will still be busy with our virtue learning every week, but putting it all together into a comprehensive post avec pictures and descriptions is something I cannot manage every week in light of my "project". So, please forgive me folks! It will keep coming, just a little less often!


  1. aw i'm sorry they were so sick this week! i hope they get better soon and you have lots of time for your exciting new project :-) all the best



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