Friday, April 30, 2010

Field trip: "Chef for a day"

We recently spent the morning at an organic pizza restaurant, where the boys got to be "chefs for the day". The owner of the restaurant did a full demonstration (minus his "secret ingredients") on how the sauce and dough are made.
As well as showing the kids how to toss pizza dough.
After the demo the kids got to get their hands into the ingredients. They had lots of fun with the big balls of dough that were past around.
A tour of the kitchen, they even got to look in the very hot pizza oven.
Rylan's turn to flatten his pizza dough.
Then Damian who could just barely reach the machine!
I did not take a picture of the finished product...we were too busy eating! Needless to say the restaurant kept the pizza coming until we were all stuffed! They allowed us to sample all their different toppings...Rylan's favourite was the pesto pizza and Damian was all about the plain cheese pizza!

Once bellies were full to the brim we had some time to play and ride with friends. Great morning!
Aren't they cute sharing a horse?


  1. Wow, this one i could like to attend ...

    Seemed you had a great morning :)

    good day!

  2. It was lots of fun! I am so lucky to be a member of a great mom/kids group that plan the most amazing field trips for kids.

    Love to your family!



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