Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My hand made goodies: tool work belt and little dinos

I promised to show some more of our handmade gifts from this weekend. These are the things I made for the boys. You will remember the dino fabric they chose while I was buying fabric for my decorations, well, I turned it into little tool work belts for them. One for each of them. I whipped these up in about 25 minutes for each belt. They were very easy to make. I roughly followed this tutorial, but since I was starting with plain fabric it was a little more involved.

With the leftover fabric I made a few dino finger puppets. I tried to sew right along the edge of the pictures, so they would be the actual shape of the dinos, but it just didn't work, oh well! They still love these little things!


  1. Super cute! Thanks for sharing and linking - Sharla @ my little gems ;)

  2. Nice, I think I'll make one for Maya, as she is a Bob the Builder fan and we have all kind of tools scattered around the house...

  3. adorable and i bet they love their own personalised tool belts...



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