Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ayyam-i-ha traditions: handmade presents day

We are working on creating family traditions around the different Holy Days and holidays throughout the year. One that we have done since Rylan was old enough to enjoy it, is have one day of Ayyám-i-há as a treasure hunt day (the treasure being their gift for that day). The first treasure hunt we did was all with photographs, since Rylan couldn't read. He loved that he could figure it all out by himself! As they get older, we plan to make the treasure hunts more challenging.

Now this year we are introducing another tradition, and that is handmade gifts day. One day of Ayyám-i-há will be for the giving of gifts we make for each other. Today's advent activity (the last one, since tomorrow is the first day of Ayyám-i-há!) was for the boys to make their gifts. Here I am sharing a couple of those projects - first Rylan wanted to make a comic book for his Dad. I put together a little booklet, with pre-cut card stock on which I glued Rylan's writing paper, so it would be easier for him to write out his story. I bound it with tiny key rings.
Before beginning the comic, Rylan dictated the story to me, I typed it onto the computer, and printed it out for him so he could refer to the typed version to help with the spelling of words. He worked on the book while I put Damian down for a nap.
A story about a boy "Super Rylan" :) who saves his Daddy from a big, mean dragon!
Damian made this little money box for Rylan. My kids have never had piggy banks, but recently Rylan was sent some gifts of money from relatives, so I felt it was time for him to have a little place to save it, and to start learning more about money. So, I bought this little box at the craft store, and let Damian colour all over it with crayon, then gave him a pot of orange paint (Rylan's favourite colour) and let him go wild. While he was painting I asked him how he thought we should decorate the box when the paint was dry and he nodded and said, "Dinosaurs"...why am I not surprised! ;)
So I helped him put the letters in the right place, and then he covered the box with dino stickers.
I will try to share one more handmade gift tonight, but the rest I will post about next week. I think I will be taking a few days off, until Monday, to enjoy celebrating with my family...and having my husband back home. Yes, tomorrow is a double present for us, first day of Ayyám-i-há and my sweet hubby comes back home after a two week long business trip on the mainland (the kids are counting down the hours, they miss Daddy so much!). I cannot tell you how much this period has really made me realize just how much I depend on him! All you single moms out there, you are AMAZING!!! I don't know how you do it!?
To my Bahá’í readers, wishing you all a VERY happy and blessed Ayyám-i-há spent with family and friends, and to the rest have a wonderful weekend filled with the same! :)


  1. hello there,
    Happy Ayyam i Ha too - full of happiness and gifts :)

  2. I really love your homemade gift ideas and the gifts you showed were so sweet and thoughtful!!! Love it.

    Also thanks for the idea about doing a treasure hunt with pictures! I may have to just give it a shot and see if Zorion is interested :-)

    So glad your hubby is home - it is soooo hard when they are away, and I only know what it's like with one kid! Seriously single moms must have so much strength.

    Have a wonderful Ayyam-i-Ha and we'll be looking forward to hearing all about it after a few days :-)

  3. It has been tough, especially with everything I have had to deal with...anyway, a few short hours and he will be home! :) Have a great weekend, wishing you lots of fun and joy!
    Ps. Hope you are all well again!!!

  4. Happy Ayyam-i-Ha! These are wonderful ideas. I'm a little late to get this started this year, but I plan to try them out next year. My kids are 9mo and 3 years. We live in OR. I'm going to keep your site bookmarked!



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