Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Will be back to normal soon

We are in the last couple of days of my parent's visit, and we are SUPER busy. Trying to do everything we hadn't gotten round to yet...so we are on the go non-stop, and I used this evening to deal with the mounds of laundry that I have allowed to pile up while out with my folks, so we have some clothes to wear tomorrow, and a few other odds and ends that I have let slide, and now I am TIRED, with a full day ahead of me tomorrow! So, just wanted to let you know I will be back to regular blogging in a day or so...I have a whole bunch of great activities for the kids lined up, some I have already been preparing (another sewing project), but we have just been too busy to do anything like that. I promise more to come soon...in the meantime I am going to savour my last days with my folks, and try not to think about the fact that it may be 6 months or more before we see them again, nor to let the tears well up in my eyes when Rylan throws his arms around Grandma and asks her, "To pleeeeeeease stay just 1 more day or maybe 9 more weeks!"...


  1. awwww, enjoy dear. and we are looking forward to read about those great activities that you have in ur mind ... be brave when mommy and daddy will go back ... :)

  2. Have a wonderful last few days together, and please tell your folks hello from me. It looks like you had a wonderful visit! Love, Sarah



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