Friday, November 13, 2009

Theatre reading and harvesting pearls

So, I am back...I think. I had a rough day yesterday, first we said goodbye to grandparents and then not five minutes later we received a phone call from close friends (their son and Rylan are good buddies) telling us that they are moving back to the mainland in the next month! Not. A. Good. Afternoon! But enough already with my woes...

While the grandparents were here we took advantage of having a bigger audience so that Rylan could do a theatre reading. The book was about a fox, so I made him a fox mask and he read the story, stopping to show everyone pictures at the end of each page. It was very cute, and he read beautifully. Grandparents suitably impressed! :)
While out doing the touristy thing with my parents, Rylan had the opportunity to harvest pearls from oysters. He picked out the oyster with long wooden tongs (like joined chopsticks) and then was able to help cut the oyster open and squeeze out the pearls - his oyster had two pearls in it. I was so interested in the whole process (having never seen it first hand myself), that I didn't think to take my camera out, something I was upset with myself for afterwards, but here he is holding his find.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Us, we are going to enjoy having Daddy home and all to ourselves for two days! The boys are already counting down to dinner time and his arrival home...

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