Monday, October 19, 2009


We spent our weekend showing these lovely folks (my folks!) around our little chunk of paradise.
Yes, we gave them a real Aloha welcome! Leis and all (Rylan happily put them around their necks at the airport, saying, “Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!”).
Of course we spent both days at the beach! The guys snorkling. This is one of Rylan's favourite beach activities (he even manages to continue talking underwater, with the snorkel in his mouth!).
My other fish.

At the end of the day.
After dinner we stopped here to watch the sunset.
Next day, up north.

When you are floating in the water, this is what you look up and see...
Beach stroll.
My Dad is wondering why he has a return ticket? :)


  1. Thanks for visiting FIMBY! You live in Hawaii?? oh, la, la. That sounds lovely, I'm sure everyone says that though!

  2. Thanks for visiting here! Yes, we live in Hawaii, just moved here recently and trying to make the most of all the natural beauty that surrounds us. We love it!

  3. Wow, what a paradise and such a wonderful adventure for the family to live there! I'm guessing everyone from the "mainland" wants to come visit!


  4. So nice of you to stop by! Yes, we love it here, and hope that all our family and friends do come and visit and take advantage of this lovely place while we are here!

  5. Hello, Kami. Love your postings. I have a daughter named Kami. Her birthday is November 10 and I was just messing around on line trying to find a birthday gift idea when I ran across you. Where do you live in Hawaii. My Kami was married on the beach in Hawaii and my other daughter lived in Kailua. Well, if you have any gift ideas for me, let me know. She is 42, married and has a little boy 6 years old, lives in Arizona and does homeschooling and is all organic. Therefore, that rules out a lot of "traditional" gifts.

  6. Are you not planning to stay in Hawaii??

  7. Sorry, Renee, I just saw your question today...we are here for a few years, but I am not sure after that. We will have to see where life leads us! If you have read some of my previous posts, you will see we move a lot! Our last stop was 7 and a bit years in Israel.



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