Friday, October 16, 2009

Dinosaur island

I have a serious dino lover in Rylan. It was all he talked about, played with, wanted to read about, wanted to draw, etc, etc between the ages of two and four. This obsession quieted a little around his fourth birthday (don’t get me wrong, he still asked for a t-rex birthday cake), but he had more room for other passions as well. Anyway, when I saw this creation at Filth Wizardry (she is amazing!) I knew we had to try it.

I bought a bulk box of playdough and was sure it would be enough, but when we got started I realized that it wouldn't come close. So, I quickly whipped up some homemade dough, which helped to cover the base structure, but with the humidity in the summer air it got kind of gooey. Anyway, here is our finished project, I pretty much let Rylan do it by himself, I helped a bit on the volcano. It was lots of fun, and he had fun playing with it after.

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