Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Knitted surprise

I haven’t felt much like knitting since coming to Hawaii, it just doesn’t seem like the right climate to knit (it should be cold with a fire crackling in front of me…), but my folks are coming to visit and when they return to their home in the Midwest in November it will be cold...so I thought I would whip up a little something to brighten up my Mom’s winter! She happened to mention that she liked this yarn I bought (for another project), so I used a couple balls of it to make her a scarf. I think it is okay to mention it now, since they are safely in the air and next time she reads this blog she will already have her scarf! :)
And tomorrow, well tomorrow my Rylan turns five…five! When he was a little babe in my arms, five was “the big kids”, and now he is one! Where did the time go? I really hope when they are all grown up I can look back at these early years and say, “yes, we made the most of them”, because they are so fleeting and so incredibly precious!

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