Monday, October 12, 2009

Spring cleaning

This weekend we cleaned. And cleaned. We just had lots to do around the house, and several things we wanted to do before my folks arrived. We also had a neighbor family over for dinner who just moved here last week. So, we were busy, but at home…the kiddos helped a lot with the cleaning, especially with cleaning the porches and cars. They love spraying that hose!

In between all the work, though, we did stop to do some fun stuff. With a couple of birthdays coming up, it seemed like a good time to make some wrapping paper. So, that’s what we did. I had planned to give them something with which to make a simple, repetitive pattern, but when I got all the paints out, and unrolled this long sheet of paper, I could see they just wanted to go wild with the paints, so I told them to do whatever they wanted. Gave them paints, brushes, pipe cleaners, paint bottle lids, craft foam stampers, etc. They had lots of fun!

In process
Finished product drying.
They also spent a lot of time building this weekend, while Mom and Dad were busy.

Some of the completed projects that I managed to snap a picture of before they were dismantled for the next one.
A plesiosaur.
Rylan's half velociraptor/half ankylosaurus.
Ankylosaurus with big club tail.
We also went to listen to the storyteller Lyn Ford at the library, who is visiting the island now. The kids really enjoyed listening to her stories, we all did, in fact, so much I never thought about pulling my camera out!

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