Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A break of sorts

You may have noticed I have only been blogging once or twice a week for the past few weeks. Summer is finally upon us here, and after a very long, very hard first mid-western winter during which the boys and I got every cold and flu that past through (our bodies getting used to the new climate and location?), I realized that all we really want to do is be out of the house, enjoying every minute of summer and all that is offered here during the summer time (lots of fun looking events coming up from concerts in the park, to festivals, and fairs, etc).

So, I am going to be taking some time of off blogging. That said, I have at least 10-15 posts half finished in my drafts folder, so every once in a while when a rainy day strikes and I feel like sitting down in front of my computer again, I will try to finish one off and share it with you. Some of the posts that are pending include: learning about ancient Egypt and our new history curriculum, our continent studies on South America and Australia, additions to our Baha’i calendar time (there will be a bunch of printables in that post), our 2011-2012 curriculum, etc, etc. So, stick around, I will be here every once in awhile – you can connect to this blog via Facebook, Google connect, RSS, or email, so you’ll know when I do post something.

Wishing you all a glorious summer filled with swimming, barbeques, sidewalk chalk, fresh yummy fruit, ice-cream, bike riding, picnics, ice-tea and lemonade, and lazing on lawn chairs with family and friends! That’s what we will be doing! :) Until next time…


  1. Aw sad to see you take a break, I love your posts hehe. I am so looking forward to your Baha'i calendar post! I have a few ideas for things but don't want to work on any, in case you have already come up with something better! But have a wonderful summer - we are just starting winter here eek! It's not too terribly cold though so I can't complain really ;-) Have fun.

  2. Just discovered your website. Lovely ideas. Hope you make it back one day.



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