Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring time crafts to banish those winter blues!

A few months ago we moved from Hawaii to the Midwest, and at the beginning of winter (I know call us crazy, you wouldn’t be the first!). While I do think the snow is very pretty, after over three months of looking at nothing but white, I find my eyes longing to see green and spring colors. Since it may still be awhile before the snow starts to melt, we decided it was time to create spring inside our home, so for anyone out there who wants to bring the change of season on a little sooner, here are some fun craft ideas for the whole family to get in on!

To see some of our spring craft projects take a peek over at The Homeschool Classroom where you can find me today.

IMG_6874 [800x600]

IMG_6876 [800x600]

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