Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grandpa’s mugs

My Dad is in his early 70s and just a few years ago he took up a new hobby – pottery – proving that it is never too late to start learning something new!

IMG_5157 [800x600]

IMG_5165 [800x600]

He now has a studio in the downstairs of their home, and against the wall he has shelves filled with what he calls his “duds”. Mostly he keeps them as samples of what the glaze combinations look like. Well, I love those shelves, and have raided them many times. One time was after he completed a batch of practice mugs, trying to figure out the right shape for a set of mugs that my Mom wanted for their home. He ended up with a bunch of too-small mugs. I snapped them up in a second!

IMG_5117 [800x600]

Why you ask? Because they are perfect cups for little hands.

IMG_5125 [800x600]

IMG_5122 [800x600]

I am not a big fan of plastic for food use, in fact I avoid it as much as possible. I use glass and stainless steel for just about everything, including food storage in cupboards and the fridge. It is better for us and the environment. And these mugs are perfect for Damian to drink out of. They are just the right size for his hands, they are hardy, and he thinks he is super special to have exclusive rights on “Pa’s mugs”.

Time to open an Etsy store, Dad! :)


  1. Oh, my they are beautiful. I am glad to hear that 70's is not too late to learn something because I will be nearly that when my youngest graduates!

  2. The "duds" are my favorite! I wish I could make pottery! My friend made me a vase and several candy dish size bowls. I have always wanted a mug! Hurry up Dad and open that shop!!!

  3. Thank you both for your comments! I am so proud of my Dad for taking up this hobby and doing so well at it! I just wish it didn't take 15 hours of air travel to get to their place, so I can raid those shelves again! ;) And Damian really loves those mugs, he announces every meal time with glee that he has a "Pa mug". :)

  4. Sister her... loving this entry, It inspirts us all that there is no time like the present to keep on learning and growing. love your work Dad!

  5. I'm happy to say I am a proud owner of several of Pa's mugs but my favorite piece is a flower pot Dad made with the most beautiful green glaze!

  6. Hey, I don't have any of Dad's pottery! What's the deal Dad! These are fantastic!

  7. What? Bryan, you were just there and you didn't raid the cupboards? ;)

  8. I love it! Thanks for sharing auntie Kami. Allison loves ceramic pottery so we checked out some hobbyists in Greece, on our honeymoon. I told her of how it reminded me of grandpa's pottery skills, that until fairly recently, were unbeknown to us all. I didn't realize the ceramics on the shelves were up for grabs! Grandpa is going to now need a lock on the door to keep us out of that room the next time we visit ;-) Hehe



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