Friday, July 16, 2010

Feeding koi

Last week the boys and I went to a local resort with friends to help with the morning feeding of the koi in the pools on the hotel grounds. I have never before seen so many koi in one area, they obviously knew feeding time was about to happen, and came from all the surrounding pools to wait in the feeding area, even jumping out the water in anticipation of food.IMG_4068 [800x600]The boys both had fun feeding them and got splashed several times as the fish swam rather eagerly for the food.IMG_4058 [800x600]

IMG_4072 [800x600]After the food was finished they even got to touch the fish, who were clearly quite used to people.IMG_4082 [800x600]

We then walked around the beautiful grounds of the resort. IMG_4053 [800x600] IMG_4090 [800x600] And stopped to see the birds too.IMG_4091 [800x600]


  1. Pretty fish! That is so neat to be able to touch them, I've never heard of fish being so social before.

  2. I was surprised that they let the kids touch them too. And they didn't jump away, they just sat there, partially out of the water and let the kids stroke them. It was the strangest thing!



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