Monday, February 8, 2010

Learning to use real tools

Once a month Home Depot offers free Kids Workshops where children 5 and up are able to use real tools to build something (the something changes each month). On Saturday we took Rylan for the first time. He was given everything he needed to build a toy car display.
Getting the hang of using a real hammer and nail.
Sanding the edges for a smooth finish.
All finished, certificate and all!
We will definitely be going to more of these in the future. After Home Depot we stopped in at the museum for family free day (a day of freebies!) and enjoyed some Chinese new year crafts and games.


  1. incredible!!! i miss free stuff in the US, everything is so expensive here! good on Home Depot for offering those activities!

  2. I know, that is a definite perk to living here!!



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