Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Threading felt activity

I have had this activity sitting in my craft cupboard for, oh...Way. Too. Long. So, a rainy day inspired me to pull it out...although I did wait until these two were finished playing. Don't they look cute all cuddled up there under a blanket on the rocking chair?
I got this idea from here. Threading felt squares onto ribbon with the use of a button. I had Rylan choose and repeat a pattern with the colours, so he got some pattern practice in too.
He enjoyed it a lot, Damian less so (too frustrating for his little hands), but he put the ribbon with buttons to good use nonetheless - it became a safety belt on his seat in his imaginary airplane. While Rylan sewed his felt squares we all flew to England, then South Africa, and back. :)


  1. Kami, tell me what material have u used to do that ... i wish to make a dolly for Leah - but those materials are difficult here ...
    is that velvet?

  2. i know i know, it's felt rite? :)

  3. Yep, just ordinary felt from a craft store. Here it is easy to find it in all different colours. You can order online as well, but I am not sure if they send to your side of the world. Do an online search for handmade dolls, I am sure you will find hundreds of great ideas, and probably even free patterns. Have fun and share the finished product with us!!

  4. thank you. I went to a shop and the man said yes yes we have felt, i was very very happy.
    Not that cheap but not that expensive too.
    yes will follow your advice about handmade dolls.
    will definitely post on fb
    thanks for all



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