Monday, December 7, 2009

A morning in the life of us

The mornings are generally when we do our more formal learning. We keep the afternoons free for lessons outside of the home (like swimming, soccer, yoga, music, etc), as well as play dates and other social activities.

This morning during our circle time we focused on the virtue of unity. After discussing its meaning, we made unity trees - using the idea of all people being like the leaves on the tree of humankind.

After this we read "All the Colours of the Earth" and "Whoever You Are" both of which focus on the theme of unity.

Next I spent one-on-one time with Damian, while Rylan had sometime for free play. We worked on peg puzzles, which covers fine motor practice, number learning, matching, spatial learning, etc...After we finished a stack of puzzles, I set Damian up with some toys to keep him busy and spent 15 minutes working with Rylan on his math curriculum, here he is putting away his maths blocks after the lesson was over. After we ate lunch together, it was time for me to put Damian down for his nap. Everyday while I am busy with this, Rylan works on his art journal. Today he drew a spaceman in a rocket ship, I guess we have been reading about space a lot lately...his Grandpa got him hooked while he was here visiting. Everyday while Damian is napping Rylan has "quiet time" I have learnt that this is essential both for him and for me. Rylan hasn't napped since he was two and half, and trying to get him to even lay in bed and be quiet for a period of time has proven near impossible, but I have found something that works like a charm at keeping him quiet and still. I loan children's audio books from the library, so he can listen to the stories on CD. He loves it, he has quiet time, and I get a break during the day too. After this, we got a reading lesson in before Damian woke from his nap. Rylan is two lessons away from finishing his Hooked on Phonics kindergarten curriculum! I am amazed at how quickly he has gone through it. I have planned at least two months worth of review-type work, to make sure everything has really sunk in and he is comfortable before moving on to the first grade reading curriculum.

We were out all afternoon, but when we got home, we read a stack of library books, and then Rylan helped with dinner prep (something he loves to do). Notice he has a bunch of carrot sticks to nibble on, essential while peeling carrots! ;) See you all again tomorrow!

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  1. Love the unity tree! Love the carrot peelings. Fauna is my peeler when needed. I love it when the girls help in the kitchen. Fauna has actually become quite the cook!

    Awesome that Rylan sounds to be a natural reader. It makes life so much easier to have kids that like to read. Being a former teacher, I have experienced kids that don't like to read and/or had trouble picking it up.



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