Saturday, December 12, 2009

Horses, rabbits, coffee, and lights

We had a wonderfully fun day today. Our local coffee plantation had a family open day. First thing was the petting zoo, which the kids enjoyed tremendously.
Damian fell in love with this fluffy, white bunny.
After we ate lunch, and Mom and Dad had sampled several cups of free coffee :), we went for a walk around the plantation...
Running with friends.
A very hip, Hawaiian Santa stopped by to say he is giving Rylan the shaka sign.
Next came horse rides, more than once...both boys LOVED this! Rylan chatting and charming as usual...
In the evening we stopped by the county building to see the lights display. The pictures don't do it justice, it was really neat being in a forest of lights. The boys both ran around, squealing with the delight (along with a whole host of other kids who seemed to respond the same way to the lit up trees).

Wishing you all a fun and colourful weekend!

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