Thursday, December 10, 2009

A date with my boys

Daddy Ramtin is off island for a couple days on business, and I have had two downhearted boys with me as a result, they MISS Dad…this morning we were supposed to go on field trip of sorts to tour the local coffee plantation, but the friend we were going with came down with a super nasty bug and had to stay home (Sarah if you’re reading this, this is for you). So, in an attempt to rescue the day and cheer up my Daddy-missing boys, we went on a special “date” this afternoon. First to buy a gift for a friend with a new baby, coming to visit us tomorrow. My boys didn’t mind this at all because they got to “test” which toy would be best for the baby! ;) Next to Borders Bookstore, were they poured over new books and chatted with other kids. We followed this up with dinner at (dare I say it!) McDonald’s, we got to go, then found front row tables at the mall stage to watch a live jazz band perform. We enjoyed the live music together, ate dinner, and luckily Coldstone is right next to the stage, so we snuck in for some ice-cream and returned to watch the rest of the show. It was a lovely evening with my two boys…now I am going to pop in a DVD, pull out my knitting, and have a quiet evening of doing NOTHING! :)


  1. enjoy your free evening :)

    Good week-end

  2. I did, but now I cannot sleep...serious insomnia! Sitting in bed, with my laptop, and sleeping kiddo on either side of me! :)

    You have a great weekend too!



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