Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Last week Rylan started a yoga class. It is a special class for kids aged 4 to 10, and it is awesome! Every week their instructor takes them on an animal adventure – so far they have gone on an Australian adventure and a trip to Arizona – all of the poses and movements are named after the animals and plant life in the area they are exploring. It is a very physical class, lots of movement, using muscles, working on balance; so the kids have a lot of fun. At the end of the class, though, she takes them through some guided relaxation, and I am amazed that she gets these kids (in particular, my very active son!) to lay dead still, eyes closed, and be quiet for five or more minutes. Straight! During this time they look completely absorbed in the relaxtion exercise, there is no squirming or chatting, or sneaking a peak, they are really quiet and relaxed. Just for those five minutes the class it worth it to me, Rylan is learning a valuable lesson about being quiet and still, and the sense peacefulness that brings to him. It is just a bonus that he has a blast during the class pretending to be various animals and also develops better muscle control and balancing ability.
Ringing the bell at the end of class.


  1. lucky you!!!
    Yoga is a good thing !!

  2. I know, I love that they have this class for kids! :)



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