Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day off

I know it is fall break this week, but we decided to keep going with our school, since Grandma and Pa are arriving next week for a long visit, and I am pretty sure we won’t be doing much structured learning during that period. We will be too busy enjoying grandparents and taking them around the island! But this morning we woke up to yet another HOT day (we are having a heat wave right now, WAY hotter than summer ever was), and we decided the only place to be was here:

Of course, there never really is a day off from learning with little kids. We discussed and experienced various aspects of nature while at the beach, did writing practice in the sand, in the car ride home Rylan practiced spelling and writing words on his drawing board (the best $15 investment made…that drawing board keeps him occupied through every car journey short or long) and Damian got a little bit better at singing his ABCs. While Damian was napping Rylan and I watched a math demonstration together on the Math-U-See website which we are considering investing in, we read books (about sunflowers, butterflies, and whales), Rylan watered our herb garden, and both boys did several drawings together. So, I guess it was only a “day off” in the most technical sense of the words…


  1. kami, i love your blog... it's so inspiring!

  2. Thanks, Sieni! That really means SO much to me! That is why I do it! I hope you continue to enjoy it. :)

  3. jezz Rylans gonna be like an expert surfer i see you've got him one of those boogie boards already.



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