Friday, October 30, 2009

100 chart

Rylan can basically count to 100, although he sometimes needs to ask for a reminder along the way. So, in an attempt to really get it to stick and also add a visual to it, I printed this 100 chart and every day he will do one square - this involves a) writing over the number for writing practice, b) colouring the square in, c) counting up to the number he has coloured. I am hoping that in 100 days he will count to 100 perfectly! Let's see...

While working on the number two, he told me that he plans to do each row of numbers in a pattern. The first row will be orange, yellow, orange, yellow and so on. I never thought of adding that to this exercise, but there you go, he added another layer of learning on his own!

When this chart is completed, I am going to try these ones, and have him fill in the missing numbers, just to reinforce the learning.

On a different note - Happy Halloween to all! Hope you have a spooktacularly fun weekend! ;)

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