Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour day

We supported a friend in a local marathon, and Damian excitedly clapped for every competitor who ran past us. Some of the hard working runners.

Then onto a picnic near our little canyon.

Plenty of soccer was played by my three boys. Even little Damian is getting really good at dribbling the ball!

Meanwhile Mom enjoyed the quiet and did a little lesson prep for the next week (this photo was taken by Rylan).

After eating way too much food, we burnt those calories off by going on a little hike in the nearby forest.

And ended this lovely, quiet, nature filled weekend with watching a full moon rise from our porch.

We have loved having Ramtin home for three days in a row...the boys are always so excited to have Dad all to themselves. In fact, Damian woke up every morning this weekend, and first thing he did was call "Daddy" just to make sure he was indeed still with us for another day, followed by crawling over me to get to him! :) Tomorrow will be a sad morning when Daddy is gone by the time we wake up...but hey, can't complain only three days of work this week and then we are off on another adventure!

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