Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back from our break

So, we did a little island hopping, and spent a lovely, long weekend in Oahu, thanks to Hawaiian Airlines' $25 island hopper special, and a generous friend who leant us his car and Waikiki beach front condo! This was the view from the condo:

We did things that we cannot do on our island...which meant no beach trips (yes, that is right, we went to Oahu and didn't go to the beach, because ours are better (if I do say so myself! ;) ). Instead we went to the zoo, museum, and aquarium to satisfy our little animal lover in the form of Rylan! And Damian is now old enough to appreciate all these things too and had a blast! Neither wanted to come home at the end of the weekend, and Rylan made us promise to bring him back before the end of the year, so that we can check out the museum's upcoming exhibit...I am sure you have already guessed it...yes, that's right, DINOSAURS!!!
My three delicious boys enjoying the zoo.
The museum had a great volcano display...being a volcanic island and all...you could walk into a volcanic mountain, slide down a lava tube, and up on top make the lava bubble and boil, and steam pour out; and here Rylan is doing just that.

During the "Hot Spot" presentation Rylan jumped at the opportunity to volunteer as the speaker's assistant in creating a volcanic-like explosion a.k.a wildly shaking a soda bottle and then taking cover as it sprayed up in the air after mentos were added to it.

Damian made his own waves at the museum too.

And on a less explosive note, learning about the gentle art of hula.

My LEGO crazy boys couldn't resist stopping here for a good long while...

Then the aquarium, where Damian giggled in glee at the beautiful fish, and as they swam by he would say "hi" and blow kisses to them. Rylan was like an info sponge with his little audio guide. He listened to all 90 some audio blurbs at the various tanks, in rapt attention...and now, well, now I am hearing a WHOLE lot about fish! :)

We also took a very brief walk down Waikiki's oh-so-posh shopping district.

All in all it was a wonderful getaway. We loved watching the kids enjoy themselves so much and soak up new experiences. Ramtin and I enjoyed the "buzz" of the city where there is always activity and people on the go (mostly happy ones on holiday), but after several days of negotiating too many one-way roads that keep looping to lead you back to where you started and six lanes of bumper to bumper traffic, we were ready to return to our quiet island, and when the plane landed, we both said, "Well, there definitely could be worse places to come home to!".

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