Thursday, May 6, 2010

Field trip: Goat farm

Recently the boys and I got to spend a morning at an organic goat farm, that also produces veggies, eggs, and honey on a small scale. The boys had an absolute blast! First off they got to play with the baby goats (there was a lot of laughing when I pointed out that they are called kids too!). These goats were just 7-9 days old.
They got to feed them plenty of leaves and grass.
And even had turns holding the goats.

Then they got to meet the mama goats and Damian managed to slip them some leaves through the fence.
We only got to see the beehives from a distance (for obvious reasons) and swung past the veggie patch on the way to the chickens. The chickens live in the banana patch! They are free range, they "fertilize" the banana patch and also eat all the insects off the trees.
Meeting madame chicken!
We got to tour the milking facilities, and then on to the kitchen where they make the goat cheeses.
The morning ended with getting to sample some of the produce...well, that and a yummy pizza lunch at a local bakery with friends!

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  1. that is another awesome day!!!
    I really wish i can visit that place one day with Leah ...
    well now you know how is my little island ... :)



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