Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Project herb

I love cooking with fresh herbs, I love throwing fresh herbs in salad, so it made sense that we should start growing our own herbs. I used to when we lived in Southern Africa, and I tried for a while on the balcony of our apartment in Israel, but the pigeon visitors were just too gross for me and damaging to the plants, so I finally gave up. But now that we are settled in a home, in a lovely climate, we can grow them all year round! We decided to plant them in pots on our porch, which is right outside our kitchen, so they are readily available for cooking, and Rylan definitely sees them every day and remembers to water them. We started with basil, cilantro (coriander), and parsley. Both boys helped with the planting process…well, Rylan helped with the planting and Damian scooped mountains of potting mix all over the porch :), but, hey, he felt he was a part of the process and that is all that matters.

Now we are looking forward to that first batch of fresh pesto…


  1. how is this project going on - how is the pesto ????

  2. Oh, always yum! ;) One of the kids favourites!



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